RYA Essential Navigation & Safety Course

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Course Overview

Duration: Typically run over 2 consecutive or reasonably close days. Alternatively it can be studied as as series of half days or evenings.  

Previous experience required: None.

Content: Elements of  Seamanship, Basic navigation and pilotage, Safety procedures and Collision regulations. This introductory course ideal for anyone new to sailing, power-boating, sea angling and diving and for those experienced in dinghy and keel boat sailing. Topics covered include:

  • Basic navigation and pilotage. The tide can make a familiar harbour look completely different on your return. Shallow areas may force you to follow the marked channels and even prevent you reaching your mooring. We will teach you how to interpret charts, how the buoyage system works and where to find the information that is key to safe navigation.  
  • How to avoid a collision with another boat. There are specific rules on who should give way and when. These rules are covered in sufficient detail to avoid confusion when you are out on the water.
  • How to obtain and interpret weather forecasts and what they are likely to mean on the water.
  • Understanding the tides to help you be sure that you have sufficient depth of water and to be aware of the direction and strength of the flow of tide.
  • How to ensure that your boat is safe including routine engine checks and having the correct safety equipment on board.
  • Most boats these days carry some sort of electronic navigation equipment. The course includes a brief introduction to using it based on the RYA’s electronic chart plotter.

On successful completion of the course you will be awarded the RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship Course completion certificate.

Course Summary

This Essential Navigation & Seamanship course is for you if you...
  • Are involved in or becoming involved in sailing/motor or power boating/sea angling/diving
  • Are totally new to the sport
  • Are inexperienced
  • Are a little rusty on the basics
  • Want to see if you are ready for the theory side
  • Want to be a little more helpful as a crew member
The course
  • The aim of this Essential Navigation & Seamanship course is to give you a basic introduction to the essentials required to get you on your way on the water
  • There is no exam for this course just student participation and a certificate awarded for completion 
Topics covered
  • Charts/ buoyage/ safety/ anchoring/ tidal info/ navigation/ rules of road/ weather info/ passage preparation/ pilotage
Course duration
  • This course is taken over 2 days
  • You can choose set course dates at our base
  • You can choose dates to suit your calendar at either our base or at your chosen venue
  • These dates can be 2 consecutive days or 2 individual days
Course pack
  • Course notes/ exercises/ plotter/ divider/ chart plotter CD/ practise charts/ certificate
Course cost includes
  • Course pack/ tuition/ teas/ coffees/ juices/ biscuits

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