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Course Overview

Duration: The course typically should take you around 40 hours, should be completed within 6 month of the course purchase date, although this can be extended a further 6 months if necessary (a small additional administration cost will apply)

Previous experience required: Knowledge of navigation to Day Skipper level and practical sailing or motorboat experience.

Content: The RYA Coastal Skipper/ Yachtmaster theory course is an advanced course for those wishing to skipper a yacht on longer coastal passages or for students working toward the Coastal Skipper or Yachtmaster Offshore exams. It is an intensive course covering:

  • Advanced navigation techniques including position fixing, course shaping and plotting, tidal knowledge, and use of almanacs and Admiralty publications.
  • Electronic navigation equipment and good practice.
  • Meteorology including the interpretation of forecasts, plotting of weather systems and weather prediction using barometers and by observations.
  • The use of weather information to help plan and execute passages.
  • The International Regulations for Prevention of Collision at Sea are covered in detail.

During the course you will work on 15 coursework exercises and sit three exams covering navigation, meteorology and collision regulations.

On successful completion of the course you will be awarded the RYA Coastal Skipper & Yachtmaster Offshore Shorebased Certificate.

Course Summary

This Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster course is for you if you...
  • Are involved in sailing/motor boating
  • Have experience on the water
  • Want to take the next theory step up from Day Skipper theory
  • Have knowledge of the basics
  • Are preparing for the Yachtmaster Coastal/ Offshore practical
  • Want to be more capable as a crew member/skipper
The course
  • The aim of this Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster course is to give you knowledge to navigate in coastal waters by day and night and to prepare offshore passage
  • There is one three part exam for this course and a certificate awarded for successful completion 
Topics covered
  • Revision/ tides/ position/ chart work/ pilotage/ passage planning/ compass/ streams/ electronic navigation/ buoyage/ meteorology/rules of road/safety
Course duration
  • This course is flexible study
  • You can choose when to study
  • You can choose where to study.. at home, during your lunch times at the office, in the back garden... but you will need access to the internet
  • Your online access lasts 6 months
  • The course does not expire until you pass your assessment*
  • *To extend your online access another 6 months an administration fee can be paid as often as required until you complete the course
Course pack
  • Course notes / exercises / chart plotter / practice charts / training almanac (if required)
Course cost includes
  • online access to the course
  • course pack
  • tutor available to answer questions via email or over the phone
  • casual drop in dates available, booking in advance, at Kip or our Borders office for that extra help
  • Discounted price on your Coastal Skipper Practical course
What extra do I need
  • Pen/ 2B pencil/ eraser/ sharpener/ note pad/ portland course plotter and dividers (or equivalent)

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