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Course Overview

Duration: Typically run over 5 consecutive days

Previous experience required: 15 days sea time (2 days as skipper), 300 nm, 8 night hours all on a sailing yacht and Coastal Skipper & Yachtmaster offshore theory or equivalent knowledge

Content: to learn the skills to take charge on coastal passages day and night preparing the route plans and executing them. This course is ideal for anyone wanting to further their sailing skills and wanting to sail their own boat on coastal or offshore passages. Topics covered include:
  • Passage planning - Taking into account the limitations of your journey with regards to boat, crew, the passage and conditions
  • Preparation - Making sure you, the crew and the boat are ready for the journey
  • Pilotage - Getting the yacht in and out of a harbour to the open sea, day and night
  • Passage Making - Being in charge, getting the crew to work for you and the journey. Checking all is well – boat and crew are happy under the circumstances
  • Helming - Improving on those skills of berthing and sailing techniques from at the helm
  • The Weather - Dealing with heavy weather and putting some weather wise skills to practise
  • Emergency Situation - What you as a skipper needs to do and how to do it including understanding life-raft emergencies
On successful completion of the course you will be awarded the RYA Coastal Skipper Practical Course completion certificate.

Course Summary

This course is for you if you…
  • Are seriously involved in sailing
  • Want to become a valuable crew member
  • Want to skipper your own yacht in coastal areas day and night
  • Want to take the next step from day skipper with a little experience
The course
  • The aim is to give you knowledge to navigate in coastal waters by day and night
  • There is no assessment for this course just student participation and
  • Proof of competency and a certificate awarded for completion
Topics covered
  • Passage Planning / Preparation / Pilotage / Passage Making / Helming / The Weather / Emergency Situation
  • Course duration
  • Over five days or three weekends
Minimum requirements
  • Practical experience required 15 days/300nm/8 night hours/2 days skippering
  • Theory knowledge up to coastal skipper level
Course cost includes
  • Full board - on the yacht
  • Gas - for cooking
  • Fuel - hopefully you will be doing more sailing than motoring
  • Mooring fees – all covered
  • Certificate

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