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Course Overview

Duration:  Classroom courses typically run for 5 consecutive days Alternatively they can be studied over 3 weekends or 5/6 individual days. Evening work is required.

Previous experience required: You must have a good knowledge (RYA Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Offshore level) of chart work and meteorology. You do not need any prior knowledge of astro navigation.

Content: This is a very interesting and advanced course covering astro navigation, meteorology and passage planning:

  • Astro navigation starts with the basics - global time and usage of a sextant. We follow this by working on sun and star sights. Moon and planet sights and compass checking complete this part of the course. 
  • Meteorology extends your weather knowledge by looking at global wind, weather and ocean currents and how they vary over a year. We start with a review of the world's weather systems to help you understand why the winds and currents work in the way that they do. A key part of this topic covers Tropical Revolving Storms - how they form and how we can best take avoiding action.
  • Passage planning is an interesting part of the course which covers factors such as ocean routing, passage planning on the ocean scale and how to make an ocean passage.

During the course you will work on 14 coursework exercises and sit one exam covering the whole syllabus. On successful completion of the course you will be awarded the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Shorebased Certificate.

Course Summary

This Yachtmaster Ocean course is for you if you...
  • Are seriously involved in sailing/motor boating
  • Own your own boat
  • Planning on longer sailing trips
  • Crossing oceans as a crew or skipper
  • Interested in the old navigation techniques
  • Planning on completing your Yachtmaster Ocean practical
The course
  • The aim of this Yachtmaster Ocean course is to give you knowledge on how to use a sextant along with the astro navigation tables to obtain your position and to be more prepared for the longer passage ahead
  • There is a single exam for this course and a certificate awarded for successful completion
Topics covered
  • Time problems/ sextant/ meridian passages/ sun & star & moon & planet sights/ compass check/ plotting/ weather/ bocean currents/ passage planning
Course duration
  • This course is taken over 5 or 6 days
  • You can choose set course dates at our base 5 day intensive
  • You can choose dates to suit your calendar at either our base or at your chosen venue
  • These dates can be 3 separate weekends or 5/6 individual days
Course cost includes
  • Tuition/ teas/ coffees/ juices/ biscuits
  • Loans of additional equipment maybe available at no extra cost - please check prior to course for availability
What extra do I need
  • Pen/ 2B pencil/ eraser/ sharpener/ note pad/ portland course plotter and dividers (or equivalent)/ astro navigation plotting sheets/ lunch/ snacks available locally

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