There are thousands sailing books available, some required reading for courses, others additional reading to support courses, and many are great reading for when you are dreaming of sailing or sitting in the galley at the end of a great day sailing... between the Britsail team we have read a significant number of them. While there are countless we have still to get through, we would like to offer up this page as our recommendations of books that we believe are worthy of the investment.

NOTE: We have created an affiliate on-line bookstore linked with both Amazon and RYA. We find that RYA published books are often cheaper through Amazon than directly through the RYA for some reason, especially when delivery is taken into consideration, but while the RYA website will always be advertising the most up to date edition for sale, the same is not always the case with Amazon. We would therefore suggest you find the up to date edition on the RYA bookstore, find the same book on the Amazon store, and buy the cheapest. You will also find that Amazon often have second hand books for sale that are very reasonably priced and often in perfect condition... Alternatively, support your local marina chandlery. Happy shopping!

Sail Cruise Books

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